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  • In-Person Fitness Assessment | Postural Tracking, Measurements, 11 Body Metrics (Body Water %, Protein and Lean Muscle Mass and more), and Physical Capacity | because if you don't know, you're just guessing.  

  • Functional Fitness (Home or In Facility) | Focus on body weight exercises, sustainable routines and daily movement patterns. An excellent starting point for any age or ability.

  • Personalized Plans and Programs | One size does not fit all in life, so how can it in fitness? We tailor each and every experience to your goals, time commitment, and current ability. Consistency is Key. 

  • Multi-Phase Fitness (In Facility) | Build endurance, gain muscle and burn fat. Work at incorporating different fitness techniques into your routine to help meet and exceed your goals. You CAN do it!  

  • Lifestyle Nutrition | Manageable methods and plans to incorporate nutrition into your busy life. 

  • Active Coaching | Proper communication and follow up to support success.  

  • Individualized Meal Plans | Achievable guidelines to understand portion, nutrient quality and sustainability. 

There are many types of meditation: tailored intention, self discovery, mindfulness, focused attention, open awareness, loving kindness, silent reflection, transformative sleep, and many more. Each method is a guided journey, can be modified based on goals, and all have great, lasting health benefits with practice. This particular form of non-invasive guided meditation, known as Yoga Nidra (with a mix of experiences, structures, and the above methods), has been known to provide:

  • Stress Relief

  • Self-Awareness

  • Increased Creativity

  • Positive Emotional Health

  • Lengthened Attention Span

  • Improved Clarity of Thinking

  • A Generation of Kindness

  • Help with Addictions, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety

  • Improved Sleep

  • Help to Control Pain

  • Decreased Blood Pressure

Organize a personalized session or living room 'party' today and experience it for yourself.