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From Fat to Fit - My Healthy Weight Loss Journey

I became a Certified Personal Trainer to help people like me transform their lives.


I believe in fitness as a journey, not a sprint. 'Overall Fitness' takes time to integrate a positive routine into mind, body and soul. I am looking for people who know they need to do something (lose weight, eat better, get active) but don't quite know the steps to get there. If you are willing to invest in yourself as a priority, are ready to put the work into change and may just need someone to believe in you so you can believe in your ability to reach your goals. Message me <HERE>. 


I have a passion in helping people who:

  • struggle with anxiety and depression

  • have bouts of low self confidence

  • are looking to 'fit' fitness into their lifestyle

  • or have a passion to be more in control of their bodies, minds and spirits. 

October of 2015, my weight loss journey began again. I was drained, I was miserable, I was sad and would ultimately round out the year spending 8 times in the hospital for dehydration and exhaustion. I spent most of the year throwing up daily, had gained 125 pounds (weighing in at just under 350 lbs), and was diagnosed with early COPD. My lungs heaved, knees ached, hips hurt, stomach touched the steering wheel of my small car and I cried in disgust facing the mirror every day. How did I get back to this point?

I lost sight of myself through a very challenging and hostile relationship. We argued over finances, we argued over workouts, we argued over cleaning, over my business, friends, family, sex... everything. We were polar opposites convinced love meant we had to give up everything possible to please each other and at the same time become everything we never wanted to be. I felt stuck. I felt controlled. I felt sad. Ultimately, I was tired of arguing and began to eat and drink my cares away. Simply put... I gave up. 

You see, not 2 years before this, I won the battle of fitness and lost 100 pounds off the weight I carried in my 20's. I was the smallest I had ever been since Junior High. It took tons of effort. I was actively paying attention to nutrition and working out almost daily. I remember my smile. I carried the trophy of motivation and achieved success. But I forgot to be mindful along that road; to teach myself boundaries, power of routine and control over negative influence. I allowed myself to get back to where I was... fall into old habits or being overweight, self hating, self conscious, sick, and tired.


I, once again, had to swallow my ego, understand it was better to get up and dust myself off as soon as possible, strip my life clean, and rebuild a healthy lifestyle from the foundation up. This time, the journey had to be harder and I really had to learn to roll with the punches of life and fuse fitness into my life permanently. There was no quick fix. No magic switch, pill or health drink. It takes real effort to learn yourself.


There are band-aid solutions, which may create temporary fixes, but lasting change comes from getting to and actively treating the root of the problem.  



I am back down 100 lbs, feeling extremely strong physically and mentally, and my lungs are healing as much as they can. I haven't been sick since October 2015 despite going through major loss and family sicknesses in 2017. It was a very long and eye opening year with the realization of how fragile life, movement and health can be. With another close family loss in September of 2018, fitness has helped me through it all. 


The hardest part is taking the steps from the 'Should' phase into the 'I Can' phase and be dedicated enough to stay there. All I want to do is help you, if you will let me. 

'Treat everyday like day one and you are set for success.' #todayisdayone


Much Love. ~ Kelsey ❤️